In VALORANT, the term ‘Agents’ refers to the playable characters who embody the role of agents within the VALORANT Protocol. These agents belong to various classes and possess a set of four unique abilities. Players can typically unlock these agents using in-game currency known as Kingdom Credits.

Agents are designated into one of four roles based on their abilities and preferred style of play:

  1. Controller Agents: These experts excel at cutting through hazardous terrain to create opportunities for their team’s victory.
  2. Duelist Agents: Fraggers who operate independently and are relied upon by their team to secure high kill counts and engage enemies first, using their abilities and skills.
  3. Initiator Agents: They disrupt enemy positions by preparing the battlefield for their team to enter contested areas and force defenders to retreat.
  4. Sentinel Agents: Masters of defense, these agents can secure areas and monitor flanks effectively, whether on the attack or defense, making them invaluable to their team.
01Brimstone ControllerApril 7th – May 28th, 2020 
02Viper Controller
03Omen ControllerUnknown
04Killjoy SentinelAugust 4th, 2020
05Cypher SentinelApril 7th – May 28th, 2020 
06Sova Initiator
07Sage Sentinel
09Phoenix Duelist
10Jett Duelist
11Reyna DuelistJune 2nd, 2020
12Raze DuelistApril 7th – May 28th, 2020 
13Breach Initiator
14Skye InitiatorOctober 27th, 2020
15Yoru DuelistJanuary 12th, 2021
16Astra ControllerMarch 2nd, 2021
17KAY/O InitiatorAlternate Timeline EarthJune 22nd, 2021
18Chamber SentinelNovember 16th, 2021
19Neon DuelistJanuary 11th, 2022
20Fade InitiatorApril 27th, 2022
21Harbor ControllerOctober 18th, 2022
22Gekko InitiatorMarch 7th, 2023
23Deadlock SentinelJune 27th, 2023

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